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The canadian royalties

The author is the one who creates the artwork by writing it, drawing it, composing it or working it.

Where registering the royalties, how and why?

Where can I register my royalties and where can I benefit them?
At Royalties office in Hull, but in reality, you are not really obligated to do anything in order to benefit of this right. The royalties apply in any countries that are implied in any type of convention linking them with Canada.
How can I apply my royalties?
First, you have to apply the © sign on your documents. You'll also need to prove that you are the author and the owner of the royalties by showing, by example, pieces of artwork, music lyrics, preliminary recording, etc.
Why using royalties?
The registering of your royalties can be helpful in case of law-suit for copy for example.
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The duration of the royalties

  • The royalties are limited in time.
  • They are protected for all the duration of the author life.
  • They expire 50 years after the death of the author, or 50 years after the death of the last person who still owns the royalties.

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