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Mixing audio tracks

Mixing is the step following recording. Now that we have recorded in studio all differents parts of a song,.we have to link them together. When you do mixing, you have to be careful.

  • You'll have to do it by ear, you can't do it the same way everytime.
  • Don't rely on the mixing to corrects errors. If possible, try to make the best recording you can when you're in studio, because sometime it's difficult to correct errors.
Mixing Mixing in studio
  • If you couldn't record without errors, you can then try to correct them with a sound editing software.
  • It may be interessant to modify some sound tracks, but ONLY if it is really necessary!
  • You can correct sound tracks with software like Sound Forge for example.

The subject of mixing is very large. Among the informations I found about mixing, I'll speak a little more about the equalization in the step of mixing.

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