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Tips on digital recording

I won't present you big description about what exactly is digital recording because you should already know what is it. We'll spare time and I'll give you some tips before recording:

  • It is now better to record in 48Khz than 44Khz. It's now a norm suggered by Audio Engineering Society.
  • Even if the quality of the sound will be less on CD, it's also better to record in 20bits and even 24bits than 16bits.
  • With digital recording, it's now easier to mix together tracks with software such as Acid Pro.
  • 48kHz X 20 Bits = 6.9 MB/Minute
  • Digital recording, in contrary to tape recording, it's a lot easier to correct sound errors and you'll also have less errors because you'll spare the errors made by transfering tape record on a computer.
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Digital recording softwares

  • Garage Band
  • Sony Sound Forge
  • Reason de Propeller Heads

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