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Parametric equalization techniques

Several software allows parametric equalization. Without specifying one of them, I'll show you approximately what modifications to do when using the equilizer.

  • 15-30 Hz: the peakers generally do not return these frequencies..
  • 30-60 Hz: Suggested cutting the frequencies by high-pass filter to 80 Hz on accoustics not having reasons to be that low.
  • 60-120 Hz: Drums, bass.. You should not hesitate to adjust if necessary.
  • 120-250 Hz: This frequency gives life to the sound. If it misses EC frequency, that will sounds empty, if there is too much of it, it is hardly better. Pay great attention to the modifications.
Equalization techniques Parametric equalization
  • 250-500 Hz: These frequencies are present in the voices and the guitars. If the principal voice is difficult to be heard, it is on this level that you must release the other tracks.
  • 500-1000 Hz: They are pretty the sames. Voices, guitars, drums... Several tricks can be found on this level.
  • 2000-4000 Hz: The cymbals are there. Also, the "ss" (whistles) are found there too. To release this space leaves place to the guitar.
  • 4000-8000 Hz: Again, still the cymbals and other parasite sounds.
  • 8000-16000 Hz: It's actually the last really audible range, and you can reduce the level of the instruments which do not have to be that high.

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