Home studio of audio disc

The steps of home studio production

The audio disc production can't be done that easily. I'll present you the steps for producing a CD, and I'll pass more time on the steps of pre-production and recording.

The things discuted here are all about home producing CD, of if you prefer, making yourself the production of your music disk by doing the recording, mixing and mastering all by yourself.

Why doing home studio? First of all, doing home studio is really cheaper. It's only you who decide about what happens, from A to Z. Often, most of the work can be done on your own computer if this one is well equipped. Making home studio is a great way to get yourself well known in the music industry and it can be a formative experience too.

Home Studio recording Mixing
Description of the canadian royalties, who own them, the duration in term of time..
The pre-production of home studio
Overall tips, structure grids
Digital recording, field recording and MIDI recording
Global description and equalization techniques
Informations about pre-mastering and mastering, and distinction between both
Final production
Some recalls before making the final product

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