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MIDI recording

What is MIDI recording?

MIDI recording now imply an universal norm. With this norm, you can record and sequence, with the help of a piano keyboard, songs on a computer with a large choice of instruments. You'll only need a synthetizer keyboard and a MIDI composition software.

When can we do MIDI recording?

Midi recording is really useful for those who want to create music composition with almost no money. It's really useful too in different ways because for a normal digital file of 5MB, a MIDI file will be of about 5KB.

Synthetizer MIDI MIDI recording

What is the quality of MIDI recording?

Yes, MIDI lacks a little., A midi record will sound worst than a real instrument. But the quality of a MIDI file can be enough for some type of recording, like for example, a brief use of a piano. But we can't record voice in MIDI and you'll need some time of adaptation.

Listen to example of MIDI songs (1) (2)

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